The Best Twitter Marketing Tools | A List Of Twitter Tools To Help Your Marketing Strategies

Twitter has become an excellent marketing tool for companies, entrepreneurs and professionals, but there are still many people who don’t know how to use it, and worst of all, many don’t know about the tools that can simplify their marketing strategies. On this post we have gathered a list of some of the best Twitter marketing tools that we are sure will help you and your business boost your Twitter account the right way.

best twitter marketing tools

The Best Twitter Marketing Tools For Daily Use:

  • Hootsuite: One of the best social media marketing tools out there, Hootsuite allows you to manage several accounts at once, with the advantage of being able to track your links published through It has a free version that is very powerful.
  • SocialBro: The best free social analytical tool that we’ve used so far. SocialBro gives you many metrics to analyze. With this handy tool you can manage and analyze your Twitter community and learn more about some of your followers, tweets, in absolute terms and relative growth. What are your best times to publish?, who are your most influential followers?, which followers have less activity? etc…,

Best Twitter tools for further analysis on your Twitter activity..

Klout: With Klout it’s possible to measure your influence as an individual or brand on a scale from 1 to 100. Your influence is rated by the amount of involvement on several social sharing sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Wikipedia and many more. Klout also allows you to add accounts of other social networks, like Facebook and Google .

Peerindex: Your PeerIndex is measured by the content you create and the people who consume and react to it. It makes it easy to discover what users are the most influential in your industry.

Monitter: Web-based tool that allows anyone to monitor Twitter in real-time for mentions of any words or phrases they choose.

Hashtracking: Whether you are tracking a campaign, a party, or a popular tag, you will gain valuable insight about your audience, your impact, and your influence with Interactive Hashtag Reports.

TweetStats: Tweetstats is a Twitter mashup that lets you enter a Twitter username and view interactive stats such as tweets per day and direct replies per user among others..

Twitalyzer: This website analyzes your activity and how much your audience is engaging with you and spits out a beautiful dashboard with 15 stats: Impact, Engagement, Influence, Generosity, Clout, Velocity, Retweeted, Retweeting, Referenced, Referencing, Updates, Followers, Following, Lists and Hastags Cited.  Each with trending information (going up or down with some visual information about how much). You can see how many people interact with you on Twitter and exactly when you need to be active to reach them.

TweetBeep: A useful service for monitoring what people are saying about you,your company or services on Twitter.

TwitGraph: This service provides graphics of your use of Twitter: tweets per day, the best 5 words, top 5 links, and the most important replies.

TweetVolume: With this tool, you can check how many times a particular word appears on Twitter. You can also compare up to five words and see the results in a bar chart.

If you know of other useful Twitter marketing tools go ahead and share it with us with a tweet, a blog-post or a trackback. It’s all about social media so please don’t forget to share this list of Twitter tools with your friends on other social networks.

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