Benefits Of Social Media Marketing 2013 (Infographic)

Infographic about the benefits of social media marketing

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs think, Social Media Marketing requires time, resources and expertise.

The benefits of social media marketing are many… online exposure with local clients, can double website traffic, sharing of knowledge, lead generation, improved search engine ranking (SEO), brand awareness increases, direct customer feedback and customer service, and direct engagement with actual customers.

In this post we want to share a very informative Infographic created by Social Media Examiner about the top benefits achieved in social media in 2013.

benefits of social media marketing infographic

Easy Guide To Use Instagram For Business | Your Business And Instagram

Using Instagram for your business

We already wrote about how Pinterest has become the new competition of Facebook and Twitter in the past and how is a perfect social media tool to use as means of free web promotion for any type of business, and today is Instagram’s turn. Check out this awesome infographic about how easy is to use Instagram for business.

An image is worth a thousand words…

We think that Instagram, like Pinterest are excellent ways to promote a business, brand or company.

Here’s an easy guide to use Instagram for business.


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