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Facebook And Twitter Have A New Competition Called Pinterest!

The social media networks Twitter and Facebook have a new competition.

Its name is Pinterest, and in only 2 years online it has turned into the third most popular social media network in the United States, in accordance with the most recent online reports.
This platform works under the likes and preferences of its users, who are creating boards or small virtual pinboards with images that seem interesting to them.

buy-pinterest-followers-at-wholesale-prices“The space in social average keeps on evolving. Pinterest is already the most popular network in Internet, with an increase of traffic of almost 50 % between January, 2011 and February, 2012”.

The place, to which at present it is possible only to enter by invitation, received during the last week of January almost 21,5 million visits, almost 30 times more than the number of entire visits during the last six months.

The profile of the users of this platform, created in March, 2010 by Ben Silbermann, is especially the called generation of ‘baby boomers’, in that young people and adults use for more than six hours the computer, and spend the time in Internet visiting places that are related to topics of gardening, sports, health and relatives.

The feminine genre prevails in this platform, since it generates more than 95 % of the called ‘pins’ or ‘likes’ that are realized, especially in a demographic space from 18 to 34 years, reveals a study of the counsel comScore.

In fact the site has become so popular that there are already companies and people in the marketing business buying Pinterest followers at wholesale prices just like there are thousands daily looking where to buy followers on Twitter and Facebook Likes to increase their online presence in websites that receive millions of unique visitors a day.

Do you have a Pinterest account? How is Pinterest working for your online marketing campaigns? Give some feedback and tell us what you think of Pinterest.. and follow us on Pinterest

9 Easy Ways To Get More Vine Followers! Boost Your Vine Account

Boost your Vine account and get more Vine followers with these easy to follow tips:

I guess that if you’re reading this is because, logically,  you’re interested to learn how to get more Vine followers and boost your account and be able to reach more people, but… sorry to disappoint you!: Getting Vine followers isn’t something that’s going to happen from one day to another: Vine, just like Twitter and any other social media platform will require lots of effort, enthusiasm and patience! (unless you want to buy Vine followers, right?).

get more vine followers

You must remember that even a single Vine follower can benefit your business in many ways. Now multiply that benefit by your total number of followers. Then consider Vine’s millions of monthly active users and the followers that you can attract in the future. That’s the true size of the opportunity for your business on Vine.

On this post we are going to write about 9 super simple tips you can start applying to your social media strategies and start gaining more Vine followers.

1- Choose a nice Bio avatar – It may sound a little bit absurd but the truth is that having a nice, crisp avatar could be a key when it comes to giving good face image to the public, so get a good selfie and get to work on your Vine account!.

2- Make a great Bio –  A lot of Vine users will eventually end up viewing your bio to decide whether they will follow you or not. When writing about you or your company try to be clearly and briefly. Keep it friendly, and even add a few quirky (yet professional) comments. You can also take advantage of the bio to ask people to follow you in other social media networks and make sure that your Bio picture reflects your brand, as well.

3- Think in quality content and not quantity – Worry about creating good Vines with good content. A well created Vine can reach more people than fifteen bad, so if you have ideas, seek them and exploit them to the fullest and don’t be uploading #shitty Vines just for the sake to upload. Quality ≠ amount. (Understand by ‘bad’, a poorly recorded vine, that looks bad, or one with no audio or bad audio…)

4- Use HashtagsMonitor trending hashtags – you can see trending tags for the world, and for geographic areas. On Vine, just like on Twitter, hashtags are used to group Vines that talk about the same topic. So if you have an idea and you upload a Vine with a hashtag that’s trending, you will have the possibility to reach more people.

5- Audio – Something very, very fundamental in all your vines is your audio. Take care of your vine’s audio providing there is no exterior noise, and please be sure that whatever you say or vocalize is understood by all your audience. (This tip shouldn’t be complicated at all).

6- Promote your Vine account in other social networks – By using your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook channels to promote your Vine profile you will attract more people from your existing audience to your 6 second vines. This way your vines will be put in front of a larger audience that already follows you on other social networks. This added engagement by your new followers can allow your vines to rank better on Vine’s search engine thus exposing your vine to more potential followers.

7- Post frequently – Just like ‘tweeting’ on Twitter, by posting frequently, you are more likely to get more Vine followers. If people see that you post frequently and that you engage with your audience with each one of your vines more people will hear about you and decide to follow you. The best part is that if you’re frequently posting vines, your followers will know when to check in for a new 6 second video.

8- Be original – The main path to look original is by being creative, and not stealing other people’s ideas. It’s very common to see Vines of stolen jokes but most common is to see those Viners fail to recognize that they are stolen in their Vine description. Don’t copy these fakers. If you want to emulate a #funnyvine the best way to do it is to include in the title something like “Inspired by @username on his joke about bla, bla, bla..”. This way your Vine can gain double merit and so can you!.

9- Follow other people – Just like on Instagram and Twitter it looks like following other people on your Vine timeline can help you gain some extra followers. Try following those users that post vines which you can relate to, or those you find funny or are just an interest of your life!

Even though Vine can be a bit different from other well known social networks, the rules of getting more followers are very much similar. Engaging with your audience and interacting with your followers will lead to more followers and engagement on this new app.

What are your thoughts on Vine? Can you share with us some other tips to get more Vine followers? What is your secret formula to grow your audience on Vine? Please share your thoughts with your comments and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @socialmedia04.

4 Valid Reasons to Buy Twitter Followers for SEO!

Why should you buy Twitter followers for your internet marketing campaigns???

Buying Twitter followers is a valid strategy to improve brand awareness. Using traditional methods, it is not easy to gain a thousand followers in a week. Many business startups have discovered that buying a few thousand followers from SEO companies is always worth the investment. This relatively new marketing technique is gaining popularity amongst small business owners. Internet marketers are well aware of the fact that Twitter is an important global marketing platform. Now they are educating more and more business owners that having hundreds of thousands or millions of followers on this social media site is like hitting gold mine.

SEO firms can help you optimize your brand’s web page by providing guidance and information on how to get a considerable following on the micro-blogging site. Many websites currently offer this kind of service. Nevertheless, before you start purchasing, here are four valid reasons to buy Twitter followers to convince you that it is indeed the best move for your company.


Your competitors already have thousands of followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the hottest, trendiest, most pbuy twitter followersopular social media sites on the planet today. Most of the companies in your niche that are employing social media marketing strategies have already sought the services of sites that help them find and buy high quality Twitter followers. There are also services where any business owner can buy Twitter retweets and small business owners make the majority of their clientele. These are your competition. They are already interacting with potential customers while you are still posting tweets on a regular basis hoping to gain an audience.

You can afford it

One of the reasons why some small business owners do not resort to buying followers is they think it will cost them a lot of money. Contrary to popular belief, buying followers on Twitter does not cost a fortune. You might be surprised to know about the cheapest rates. You can get a thousand followers for only US$9 from pages like SocialMediaCombo.Net. If you are willing to invest around $118 then you are already gaining an equivalent of 25,000 followers. If you are wondering how the other companies in your niche hit 50,000 followers in one week, then they were willing to invest $225. If you want to gain more than a hundred thousand followers in a moment, shell out $420. Some companies even throw in free followers for each additional order. These professionally managed marketing and search engine optimization companies are Internet veterans, and their rates are quite affordable. They use relevant social media marketing research and your business can rely on them to provide you with the number of followers that you need. Are you willing to invest $5? Your Twitter account will already gain 500 followers for so little an investment.

You company will have improved search rankings and Internet visibility

Paying for low priced social media follower’s amount to huge returns, foremost of which is better Internet visibility. The more followers you have, the higher your rank on the top search engines. Social media optimization has worked for many other business startups, so there is no reason why it should not work for your own company, especially if you work very hard to make a huge impact online. Others may look at buying Twitter followers as taking a shortcut, but if it works for business, then there is no reason why you should not use an already proven method that will land you on page one of Google search results.

You are worth following

Social media marketing is an effective means of making your brand known. Because your company is offering consumers high quality products and services, do not think twice about buying a few thousand followers to boost brand awareness. No matter how you got the followers on your Twitter account, you should be confident that your company is worth following because you have worked hard for it. You are buying Twitter followers because everyone out there needs to know about your excellent offers.

These reasons should be enough to convince you to start seeking out SEO companies that can deliver what you require. You have been working very hard to put your business on the map and buying Twitter followers can help introduce your startup to more people who will benefit from patronizing you in the end.

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Ways To Improve Your Business Strategies Using Vine!

Vine, the most used video sharing app of 2013 and the most downloaded free app in the IOS App Store allows users to capture a six second video from any smart phone. We already made a post about what is Vine and how it works. In this post I will write about a few creative ways that businesses can start using from Twitter’s video app for their benefit. But, can you really deliver value in six seconds?

using vine  Geotags:
Something I find real useful in Vine is that you’re able to geotag your videos. That means that your workplace can create a Vine video and mark the video with a specific location, which is an advantage not offered by other similar sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

If you’re having a business event that you want people to attend, you can use the six seconds of video to create something memorable, then use the geotag as a way of getting people to come to your event, all in just a few seconds.

Remember, the more creative, original and artistic you are, the better your customers will remember your video.

Use Vine as a new social media tool:
For brands that are already involved in social media, Vine can become an excellent addition to use in conjunction with other networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This will help your business attract new customers, promote products, contests, etc.

Its easy to get your followers involved:
The nice thing about the six seconds is that it is easier for brands to invite their users to make videos of their products. This strategy, if intelligently done, can boost your marketing and improve the reputation of your products or services.

Offer information:
Your clients will always have questions! Use Vine and share with your clients how X or Y product is manufactured, share videos from your company answering questions of your products, share the history of the brand or talk about its CEO. People #LOVE these insights from a company!

Take advantage of Vine during the holidays:
With the easiness of creating a Vine video you can create content related to the holidays and get your brand involved during the major days of the year. Show your Vine followers how your company celebrates Christmas, shoot a video about your new summer products, spring offers, etc.

Vine can be used to present new products:
The visual inspiration greatly helps to get users excited about a new product or a new brand launch. You can easily improve your business strategies using Vine by offering exclusive videos to your followers presenting sneak peeks of the product your company’s about to launch, events and much more.

Humanize your brand:
With Vine, companies and brands have an opportunity to humanize social networks making indoor videos of workplaces and employees, recruitment videos, etc.

Promote a contest:
A short video accompanied by a #hashtag is what it takes to make a contest. Users should only be able to send the video along with the #hashtag using your product or telling creative stories using Vine.

Finally, Vine’s an excellent way to tell people about what your business is all about? Use Vine video to give people a taste of that.

What else have you found works for businesses using Vine?