5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes Before Having To Buy Them!

Is your Facebook page stuck with just a dozen of likes?

Facebook has already reached 1 billion users around the world, and has all the potential to make your blog have tons of success.
Therefore, now is a good time to examine your activities on Facebook, and know what’s working and what isn’t.  On this post, we will talk about 10 easy ways to increase your Facebook likes, and how one can even buy likes for Facebook at the end of the post:

  1. Add the “Like” box on your website – This is the best way to get more likes on Facebook, since adding the  “like” box on your web site, you generate more free exposure to your audience. However this option will not generate great results in web sites with low traffic.
  2. Link your social profiles – Linking together all your social media accounts greatly helps your Klout score and will definitely help you gain more organic likes from your friends in the different SM channels. Try placing a link to your Facebook page at:Your Twitter account
    Your personal profile on Facebook
    Your YouTube channel.
    Your Google account
    Make sure that all of your friends, followers from Twitter are all hearing about your Facebook page.
  3. Add Call to actions in the content of your posts – This tactic is very effective. Is all about writing an article about Facebook and make a call to your readers to visit your Facebook page. You can place the so-called at the end of the post or in the middle section. Never place it at the beginning.
  4. Socialize with other pages administrators – This is a tactic of “Networking”, which is to interact with other Bloggers, and propose a cross-promotion of Facebook pages. Where you promote the Facebook page of them, and they promote yours. This promotion is done on Facebook, not on blogs.

5. Post and share original content – Good Content is king, universally.
No matter the medium, platform or type. If the content that you share with your audience is of quality, they will like it and they will share it, either in your blog or any other social media platform.

Public updates of quality, and be creative. Only then, will you achieve that your content will be shared.

Bonus: Be 100% Exclusive. Why would someone follow you on Facebook that already follows you on Twitter?

Exclusivity is the answer.

Human beings are always looking for ways to be a member of exclusive communities, and facebook is no exception.

You must occasionally share pearls: unique content, good links, videos or photos, which can only be seen on your Facebook page.

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