4 Valid Reasons to Buy Twitter Followers for SEO!

Why should you buy Twitter followers for your internet marketing campaigns???

Buying Twitter followers is a valid strategy to improve brand awareness. Using traditional methods, it is not easy to gain a thousand followers in a week. Many business startups have discovered that buying a few thousand followers from SEO companies is always worth the investment. This relatively new marketing technique is gaining popularity amongst small business owners. Internet marketers are well aware of the fact that Twitter is an important global marketing platform. Now they are educating more and more business owners that having hundreds of thousands or millions of followers on this social media site is like hitting gold mine.

SEO firms can help you optimize your brand’s web page by providing guidance and information on how to get a considerable following on the micro-blogging site. Many websites currently offer this kind of service. Nevertheless, before you start purchasing, here are four valid reasons to buy Twitter followers to convince you that it is indeed the best move for your company.


Your competitors already have thousands of followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the hottest, trendiest, most pbuy twitter followersopular social media sites on the planet today. Most of the companies in your niche that are employing social media marketing strategies have already sought the services of sites that help them find and buy high quality Twitter followers. There are also services where any business owner can buy Twitter retweets and small business owners make the majority of their clientele. These are your competition. They are already interacting with potential customers while you are still posting tweets on a regular basis hoping to gain an audience.

You can afford it

One of the reasons why some small business owners do not resort to buying followers is they think it will cost them a lot of money. Contrary to popular belief, buying followers on Twitter does not cost a fortune. You might be surprised to know about the cheapest rates. You can get a thousand followers for only US$9 from pages like SocialMediaCombo.Net. If you are willing to invest around $118 then you are already gaining an equivalent of 25,000 followers. If you are wondering how the other companies in your niche hit 50,000 followers in one week, then they were willing to invest $225. If you want to gain more than a hundred thousand followers in a moment, shell out $420. Some companies even throw in free followers for each additional order. These professionally managed marketing and search engine optimization companies are Internet veterans, and their rates are quite affordable. They use relevant social media marketing research and your business can rely on them to provide you with the number of followers that you need. Are you willing to invest $5? Your Twitter account will already gain 500 followers for so little an investment.

You company will have improved search rankings and Internet visibility

Paying for low priced social media follower’s amount to huge returns, foremost of which is better Internet visibility. The more followers you have, the higher your rank on the top search engines. Social media optimization has worked for many other business startups, so there is no reason why it should not work for your own company, especially if you work very hard to make a huge impact online. Others may look at buying Twitter followers as taking a shortcut, but if it works for business, then there is no reason why you should not use an already proven method that will land you on page one of Google search results.

You are worth following

Social media marketing is an effective means of making your brand known. Because your company is offering consumers high quality products and services, do not think twice about buying a few thousand followers to boost brand awareness. No matter how you got the followers on your Twitter account, you should be confident that your company is worth following because you have worked hard for it. You are buying Twitter followers because everyone out there needs to know about your excellent offers.

These reasons should be enough to convince you to start seeking out SEO companies that can deliver what you require. You have been working very hard to put your business on the map and buying Twitter followers can help introduce your startup to more people who will benefit from patronizing you in the end.

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Did Mitt Romney Buy Twitter Followers?

Does Romney Buy Twitter Followers?

We all know just how powerful Twitter can be to spread our messages. Businesses use it every day along with the hordes of other users. There’s a lot of people using Twitter and it’s one of the most powerful and successful website of all time. The popularity of Twitter just seems to grow with each passing day. If you’re business isn’t on Twitter then you’re missing out on plenty of business.


Presidential Candidates and Twitter

Many businesses who use Twitter can buy Twitter followers from places to help their businesses grow. A recent blog post has stated that Mitt Romney might be buying Twitter followers for his campaign in an attempt to gain support for the presidency. After reading this I was taken a bit by surprise. Why would a presidential candidate need to do this? His account had been growing by 5000-6000 per day which is natural for a person in his position but then it changed to 1000-4000 followers per hour which is an indication that something is going on. This large jump indicates he’s probably buying followers to his account. His account has been growing by tens of thousands per day. It’s almost impossible on Twitter to grow this quickly without buying followers.

He might be buying followers to try and reach the 17 million or so that Obama has. Romney has about 800,000 followers while Obama has over 17 million. It’s pretty clear that Romney is trying to buy followers as he’s new to Twitter and had been growing in small steps until recently when his followers skyrocketed. So should presidential candidates buy Twitter followers?

In this day and age where people don’t trust government like they used to or their elected officials the fact that Romney is purchasing Twitter followers just makes him look bad. Any official who “buys” followers on Twitter or even Facebook is the wrong statement to make. If the candidate is popular they’re account will grow over time and be more natural. I see buying Twitter followers more for a business or a personal website not for an elected official who already be extremely popular. A business is unknown where Romney is quite well known.

A presidential candidate shouldn’t have to purchase Twitter followers they should just be there already waiting to support his campaign. If he’s purchasing these followers then his account will be inflated with people who are his supposed followers when in fact he has bought them. You would expect a candidates Twitter account to grow quickly but not that quickly. If he’s purchasing the followers then I don’t see this is as a very good idea at all.

In this age of uncertainty we want candidates and other elected officials that we trust. We need full confidence in these people and the fact the Romney might be buying this followers reduces that trust in him. What else will he buy? Maybe Romney will try and buy your vote too.

Twitter is a tool to spread a message and it can have a big impact for a business. If you have a big or small business needing Twitter followers then buying twitter followers is fine in this case because you’re unknown and you want more people to see your website and learn about your business. Romney simply doesn’t need to buy Twitter followers of any description because those followers should be already knocking at the door of his Twitter account to join him and his cause. It doesn’t paint a good picture of him to have to “buy” his way into Twitter to get popular with the users on that site. If you’re popular your name gets passed along naturally on Twitter. Maybe he’s just desperate to gain those followers quickly since the election is coming up shortly.

I’m not a big fan of government officials who buy into anything in an attempt to get elected. If you have the right message you’ll get elected and buying followers on a social media site isn’t something any candidate or official of any description should do. This sends the wrong message to the voting public and in today’s world you can’t afford to do this. Let your popularity grow naturally and let those who run businesses or have personal websites buy Twitter followers.

9 Key Reasons To Use Twitter in Your Marketing Strategies and Business

Why do so many companies use Twitter? In this article I’m gonna try to write about the key advantages of using Twitter as part of your social networking strategy in your business. Using Twitter can allow you to increase your market customers, retain existing customers and thereby increase sales.

But how? …

Twitter allows you to:

  •     Increase your customer base and increase your sales.

In case you don’t know it you can find many, many “twitter followers” (potential customers) through Twitter interested in the type of products or services you sell or offer, but do not yet know you exist. Don’t forget the huge market that you have in social networks, and Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks in the internet.

  •     Establish stronger links with existing customers.

Many of your customers are (or will be ) on Twitter. Twitter lets you send tweets (140 character short and brief messages sent through Twitter) with important information for your target market. If you target your followers with good information, they will turn to you and buy your products or services when they need it.

  •     Announce sales promotions and special offers.

Twitter is an excellent communication channel. You can advertise promotions specifically for your followers on Twitter, generating a “buzz” (word of mouth marketing) to generate new followings among people who need your promotional offers at this time.

add twitter followers

  •     Improve the ranking of your blog or website.

The tweets that lead to the articles of your blog will generate “inbound links”. And the incoming links are a little over 40% of the criteria for Google to position either a website (or blog)

  •     Communicate your latest news, conferences and events.

People who follow you are interested in the type of information you give, and the type of product you sell. For this reason, your Twitter followers may also be interested in your events.

  •     Viral marketing.

Twitter is viral and when you tweet something that a person will like it is most likely that another person from his or her followers will like it too. This way that person will forward your tweet to his audience, among whom there will be someone who also loved what you’ve written and in less that you know it your message can go viral over the net. A news item, event, promotion or an article you like, will pass swiftly “word of mouth”, or told how “Twitter”, “follower” to “follower.”

  •     Branding.

If you constantly send good information through your tweets, people will begin to know your Twitter name and “spend” your information. So, your “Twitter name” (a brand name, your business name or your personal name) will begin to be recognized in your field, and get good business or professional reputation.

  •     Get “feedback” from customers.

Being in touch with your customers through Twitter, they will tell you what they like about your product or give you recommendations or points of improvement.

  •     Analyze the competition.

You can see what is said on Twitter about your competitors looking at Twitter the name of your competitor to see who is talking about him and what they say. You can also go directly to your account and see how it interacts with its audience, or what information it provides.

  • In conclusion, Twitter is a great marketing tool …

Twitter can help you access a larger market. But to get results, you should use Twitter as part of your social media plan (along with other online marketing tools) and use Twitter effectively.

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