How to Grow Your Twitter Followers Quickly and Steadily

It’s been 7 months already since we first opened up our main website about buying twitter followers to your account. Since then I’ve been very much involved in my twitter account @socialmedia04 and recently I’ve started to receive from 20 to 30 emails a day asking me the formula I use to grow my twitter account quickly and steadily. I will try to use this article to tell you the strategies I have done to accomplish this.

Grow Your Twitter Followers Quickly and Steadily

It is important to note that the number of followers is not the most important indicator on Twitter, as it does not speak of engagement from your followers. I suggest combining the indicator with other indicators that measure the influence of an account, Klout being the most important.

Strategies to quickly increase followers (followers) on Twitter are:

1. Select the theme and the target audience for the Twitter account.

This strategy applies to those who have not yet started their Twitter account. The subject of the Twitter account as the target audience (current and potential fans) are closely related, and in my opinion, you can select the both. This is possible because the target audience determines the content and the content determines the target audience.

Don’t make the mistake leaving out important keywords in your Twitter account. Twitter profiles get indexed by Google and other search engines and it’s necessary that the description of the Twitter account has the keywords of your interest and also is desirable that the name has them to. Also make a nice and complete description of your account written in the language of your tweets.

*Don’t ever, ever leave the default egg photo on your profile. Make a friendly twitter account with a nice background and a cool profile picture even if it’s not a personal image and remember that this is gonna be the first place where people look at.. Make this area an attractive area for your followers.

2. Create value-added content to your target audience

It is very important to ongoing efforts to better understand your target audience. I think that having a target audience with common interests in a particular subject is better than if the target has general interests.

You generate content that is interesting to your target audience, thus will generate added value.

You have two options for value-added content, a blog with your own content or content from other authors.

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2.1. A blog to write your own content

If you write your own content I suggest you avoid the light articles which give very little information to visitors, and that often creates expectations that later are not met, leading to dissatisfaction on a part of your followers.

2.2. Content of others

If you ask me I think It’s completely valid to use content from others to generate added value to your followers. However when leading your  followers to content that is not made by you I recommend you always read the article to be recommended to avoid leading your followers to articles with low or no quality at all.

It is also important to have sources of information on the subject of interest that allows you to make this content easily and updated.

2.3. Ways to identify content that generates added value

There are several ways to identify what type of content generates added value to your target audience:

By the number of retweets of your tweets.
By the number of mentions of your tweets.
By the number of clicks on your tweets. For this I use the tool
Asking your followers the issues they care about through surveys or tweets.

Twitter engagement

3. Be consistent in sending tweets

If you ask me the ideal number of tweets to an account that wants to grow, my answer would be at least 5 a day, seven days a week (this is the approach we use in our twitter account @socialmedia04).

Many successful twitter users send many tweets a day (between 50 and 100). If you do, it is important not to lose sight of value to be generated with each of them.

In my case I try to ensure the value added in the tweets and I avoid sending “thank you” tweets to my new followers and above all try to avoid sending tweets that your followers will not understand or are out of context.

The tools to schedule tweets are ideal for people like me can not do them in the day. I for example use, which I consider an excellent program to manage my daily tweets.

4. Interact with your followers

When my fans ask me a question or look for me via a tweet or direct message, I always respond via a direct message. I will not use a tweet respond a direct message to avoid, as I mentioned before, tweets out of context.

When there is an answer that I can not do in 140 characters invite the seeker to leave the question on the blog where you could respond more extensive and complete.

5. Promote your Twitter account in all possible channels

You must promote your Twitter account physical and electronic channels such as:

Promote your Twitter account on your website or blog (if any)
Promote your Twitter account in social networks where you have presence.
Write the account signature of all e-mail
Write the Twitter account in the Cards
Write the Twitter account in the company papers (in the case of a company)

6. Increase visibility

Hashtag (#). I recommend always using hashtag in their tweet, as I mentioned before is a good way to increase the visibility of your tweet. In my tweets I generally use the hashtag #socialmedia.

Mentions (@). Make entries in your tweets to people with good number of followers and share the same content. I personally do not use this technique but is often very effective.
Follow followers of accounts with similar profile to yours.
Email tweets at times of high impact. There are times where the tweets are more visible, this depends on the place of origin of their followers and is different for each Twitter account. Sometimes it is important to repeat some tweets (to promote their blog posts for example) up to three times to ensure as many fans as you can.

Linking Twitter with other social networks. For those who do not send many tweets per day (under 10) may be useful to link your Twitter account with Facebook and Linkedin, ie when writing a tweet that is replicated in these two social networks. I use this technique because of the limited time available to feed Facebook and Linkedin.

7. Other techniques to Grow Your Twitter Followers Quickly and Steadily

As you could read there are many options that are frequently used to help you gain more twitter followers in no time but there’s also the buying twitter followers practice that a lot people are nowadays adopting…  Buying twitter followers is against Twitter terms but indeed lots of companies and artists are doing it.

There are many websites and programs that help you gain followers fast but in a very unsafe way too. Some of these so called twitter seller sites even ask you for your password. I would never, ever share my password with no one.

AVOID: # Followback: You should avoid using hashtag like # followback, # followback, # teamfollowback as they grow with people who are not your target audience.

Rest assured that by following the guidelines in this article may well grow your Twitter account.