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La tendencia popular que abarca el social media con la practica de comprar seguidores sigue en aumento y recientemente ha tenido mas auge que nunca. Hoy en dia el numero de seguidores es un factor bien importante y sitios como son expertos en ayudarle a uno a optimizar sus cuentas de Twitter y de Instagram con mas seguidores. Visita la pagina ya!

Tips To Get More Pinterest Followers Quick!

How to get more Pinterest followers quick!

To get more Pinterest followers quick  the most important thing is to provide  original, high-quality, attractive and/or informative content including images & videos . In addition, we’re going to share these effective strategies so you can build your own audience on this great network full of business advantages and get more Pinterest followers.

get more pinterest followers

According to wikipedia, Pinterest became one of the top 10 largest social network services, according to Hitwise data, with 11 million total visits per week. After Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is ranked as the 3rd most popular social networking site. The pinboard-style photo-sharing site that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections has undoubtedly become a social media favorite for many businesses and brands. And for good reason. As of August 2012, Pinterest became the fourth largest traffic source in the world.

If you’re looking for effective ways and tips to get more Pinterest followers here are some quick tips to help you get started.

Create Niche Boards

Taking a look at the most popular Pinterest players quickly lets you notice that they have an average of between 50 and 100 boards. It’s also obvious that these users have worked hard to create these boards as segmented as possible, having more opportunities to be found (and followed) by a specific audience.

For example, if you write your recipes books, a “board” called “desserts” with all kinds of sweet dishes might work, but a better option would be to divide the “Board” into subcategories such as: cakes, biscuits, chocolate and ice cream.

By refining your boards so that they are more relevant for people interested on specific topics, you will increase the possibilities of growing your followers’ base. Another good technique is creating boards belonging to popular categories and add popular pins to them.

Watch The Trending Topics

People, places and events are good bait to find new followers. The trending topics are clearly the most searched for by keywords, and if your pin is set to one of them trending keywords it will get a better chance of being found by any user searching the latest trends.

Publish Your Most Popular Boards

Get all your most followed boards and publish these boards into your blog and other similar social networks with frequency. Due to the fact that these boards are already being followed by a lot of people, your opportunities for a greater amount of repins and get new followers will increase.

Follow Relevant People

Although the criteria on who should be followed is mostly based on the relevance of their pins for the convenience of your business and your brand, it also makes sense as well to follow at least 10 percent of the most relevant characters by an industry. Buy following these powerful players, you will increase your chance to get a follow back, repin, gain a  like and a comment on your images. This will significantly increase your exposure to a larger audience on Pinterest.

Uses Keywords In Your Pin

Search engine optimizing (SEO) is a significant roll when pinning. There’s no better strategy than to use keywords in the descriptions of your pins and on your boards description as well. This keyword strategy will likely attract followers who are interested in your specific topics.


Inviting other guest pinners is also an attractive way in attracting followers. This strategy will help your boards get more exposure from the pins they add, but it’ll also help you attract guests who browse through your contributors profiles as the board will be displayed there.

Be Reciprocal

A good practice is always checking out the profile of a new follower or from anyone who has liked or repinned any of your images, and consider doing the same back.

Making use of the above tips can definitely help anyone get more Pinterest followers and gaining more board followers as well.  Remember that you need to be very patient as this could take some time.

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The #RoyalBaby Hashtag On Twitter Fails To Overcome Obama’s Record!

The new member of the British Royal Family fails to overcome the records on Twitter of Obama or the Pope.

The birth of the new member of the British royal family has invaded all the media around the world and Twitter has not been left behind. With six global trending topics and with more than 25,300 tweets per minute, the news is looking for world records.

the royal baby According to official statistics of Twitter, the hashtag #Royalbaby, using to announce the birth of the son of the Duke of Cambridge, had been used more than 900,000 and it continues adding up every second.

Even when these figures sound exaggerated, they are much less when compared with other major international events of the last twelve months. By now, the re-election of President Barack Obama leads, with 237,000 tweets per minute last November, followed by the election of Pope Francisco with 132,000 per minute a few months ago.

By now, the royal baby gets a third position, an enviable figure for a child that almost reached the 1,000,000 tweets before even having a name which by the way was named George Alexander Louis. With this figure the #RoyalBaby hashtag on Twitter which  had been officially named by his doting parents Wills & Kate has managed to overcome Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter widely regarded as the fastest person ever with 88,000 tweets per second, and the Spice Girls with the 116,000 last year.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing 2013 (Infographic)

Infographic about the benefits of social media marketing

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs think, Social Media Marketing requires time, resources and expertise.

The benefits of social media marketing are many… online exposure with local clients, can double website traffic, sharing of knowledge, lead generation, improved search engine ranking (SEO), brand awareness increases, direct customer feedback and customer service, and direct engagement with actual customers.

In this post we want to share a very informative Infographic created by Social Media Examiner about the top benefits achieved in social media in 2013.

benefits of social media marketing infographic