Advantages And Benefits Of Having A Facebook Fan Page For Your Internet Business

Why should you have a Facebook fan page for your Internet business?

The advantages and benefits of having a Facebook fan page for your Internet business are many. Facebook fan pages are an alternative especially created by Facebook for businesses, companies and brands. They are different than personal profiles and groups, offering special tools to promote any type of business.

Advantages and benefits of having a Facebook Page for your business:

advantages and benefits of having a facebook fan page for your internet business
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  1. Public & Worldwide Exposure. Visitors don’t have to have a Facebook account to view your page. Therefore any person entering your page, can read the content and become familiar with your company, brand or product. In addition, your page will be indexed on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing making your business appear in good positions on SERPS. This is a great benefit and it can dramatically increase your Web site traffic.
  2. Continuous communication. 90% of Facebook users connect to Facebook on a daily basis once and up to 1o times a day giving your Internet business a great advantage of being discovered because the people that have liked your page will also see your communications and updates. And unlike email marketing, you’ll never have to worry about your mail going to the spam folder of your loyal subscribers. This is a great advantage!
  3. Unlimited Fans. Facebook fan pages can have unlimited fans, by which you can have countless people who follow you. That doesn’t happen with normal FB profiles where the limit is only 5000 contacts. This advantage gives you unlimited ways for your marketing plans.
  4. Custom designs. Facebook fan pages allow you to include content with designs of your company logo and images. For example, you can include promotions with similar designs to your web page, with videos and other content of impact.
  5. Viral Marketing. When you have a Facebook fan page all of the friends of your fans can be able to see and read your updates. This viral effect can easily make your page go viral across the social networks.
  6. Statistics of visits. As administrator of your fan page, you can see the statistics of visits, as well as the activities of your fans. You can learn about segmentation, as gender, geographical location, etc.
  7. Instant mailing list. Another benefit of having a Facebook fan page for your business is that you can instantly send an update to all your fans about your events, tours, meetings, articles, statements, alerts, plan of actions, complaints and solutions both in text, audio and video.

“The Facebook fan pages are special profiles that can only be used to promote a business, or other organizations, political, or charitable entities (such as non-profits organizations, political campaigns and famous people).”

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Good luck on your project on taking your business to Facebook!
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