Ways To Improve Your Business Strategies Using Vine!

Vine, the most used video sharing app of 2013 and the most downloaded free app in the IOS App Store allows users to capture a six second video from any smart phone. We already made a post about what is Vine and how it works. In this post I will write about a few creative ways that businesses can start using from Twitter’s video app for their benefit. But, can you really deliver value in six seconds?

using vine  Geotags:
Something I find real useful in Vine is that you’re able to geotag your videos. That means that your workplace can create a Vine video and mark the video with a specific location, which is an advantage not offered by other similar sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

If you’re having a business event that you want people to attend, you can use the six seconds of video to create something memorable, then use the geotag as a way of getting people to come to your event, all in just a few seconds.

Remember, the more creative, original and artistic you are, the better your customers will remember your video.

Use Vine as a new social media tool:
For brands that are already involved in social media, Vine can become an excellent addition to use in conjunction with other networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This will help your business attract new customers, promote products, contests, etc.

Its easy to get your followers involved:
The nice thing about the six seconds is that it is easier for brands to invite their users to make videos of their products. This strategy, if intelligently done, can boost your marketing and improve the reputation of your products or services.

Offer information:
Your clients will always have questions! Use Vine and share with your clients how X or Y product is manufactured, share videos from your company answering questions of your products, share the history of the brand or talk about its CEO. People #LOVE these insights from a company!

Take advantage of Vine during the holidays:
With the easiness of creating a Vine video you can create content related to the holidays and get your brand involved during the major days of the year. Show your Vine followers how your company celebrates Christmas, shoot a video about your new summer products, spring offers, etc.

Vine can be used to present new products:
The visual inspiration greatly helps to get users excited about a new product or a new brand launch. You can easily improve your business strategies using Vine by offering exclusive videos to your followers presenting sneak peeks of the product your company’s about to launch, events and much more.

Humanize your brand:
With Vine, companies and brands have an opportunity to humanize social networks making indoor videos of workplaces and employees, recruitment videos, etc.

Promote a contest:
A short video accompanied by a #hashtag is what it takes to make a contest. Users should only be able to send the video along with the #hashtag using your product or telling creative stories using Vine.

Finally, Vine’s an excellent way to tell people about what your business is all about? Use Vine video to give people a taste of that.

What else have you found works for businesses using Vine?


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