Facebook Launches A New Tracking Tool For Online Shops

Facebook looks for new ways of integrating itself with their advertisers and is trying out a new tracking tool for online shops which will allow online retailers to track purchases by members of the social network who have viewed their ads on pursuit of the buys as informs the Reuters agency.

This new tool will be linked to the ads on Facebook and will help the on-line shops determine how many of their sales can be attributable to the publicity of ads in the number one social network.

facebook adsThe tool is the latest of the new advertising features Facebook is offering to convince marketers that steering advertising dollars to the company will deliver a great payoff. “This is basically to analyze the ads on Facebook and its results”, explains David Baser, product manager of the department of advertising at Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Baser said that “Measuring ad effectiveness and outcomes is absolutely crucial to all types of businesses and marketers,” and Facebook’s marketers have been for a long time requesting Facebook the “conversion measurement tool”.

The new tracking tool Facebook will provide to advertisers will only show anonymous data to the sellers. According to Baser, “You would see the number of people who bought shoes,” he said, using the example of an online shoe retailer. But marketers would not be able to get information that could identify the people, he added..

For its part, Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at eMarketer, explains that the purchase process on Facebook is not as straightforward as in Google. With the new tool opened by the famous social network advertisers may link their advertising on Facebook to purchases made by a client hours, days or weeks after seeing your ads on this platform.

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced a similar conversion measurement service for big brand advertisers, such as auto manufacturers, partnering with data mining firm Datalogix to help connect the dots between consumer spending at brick-and-mortar and Facebook ads.

And Facebook has rolled out new marketing tools for local businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops, including a revamped online coupon service and simplified advertising capabilities known as promoted posts.

The new tracking tool for online shops is launching in testing mode, but will be fully available by the end of the month, Facebook said.

Source: Reuters

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Easy Guide To Use Instagram For Business | Your Business And Instagram

Using Instagram for your business

We already wrote about how Pinterest has become the new competition of Facebook and Twitter in the past and how is a perfect social media tool to use as means of free web promotion for any type of business, and today is Instagram’s turn. Check out this awesome infographic about how easy is to use Instagram for business.

An image is worth a thousand words…

We think that Instagram, like Pinterest are excellent ways to promote a business, brand or company.

Here’s an easy guide to use Instagram for business.


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