Did Mitt Romney Buy Twitter Followers?

Does Romney Buy Twitter Followers?

We all know just how powerful Twitter can be to spread our messages. Businesses use it every day along with the hordes of other users. There’s a lot of people using Twitter and it’s one of the most powerful and successful website of all time. The popularity of Twitter just seems to grow with each passing day. If you’re business isn’t on Twitter then you’re missing out on plenty of business.


Presidential Candidates and Twitter

Many businesses who use Twitter can buy Twitter followers from places to help their businesses grow. A recent blog post has stated that Mitt Romney might be buying Twitter followers for his campaign in an attempt to gain support for the presidency. After reading this I was taken a bit by surprise. Why would a presidential candidate need to do this? His account had been growing by 5000-6000 per day which is natural for a person in his position but then it changed to 1000-4000 followers per hour which is an indication that something is going on. This large jump indicates he’s probably buying followers to his account. His account has been growing by tens of thousands per day. It’s almost impossible on Twitter to grow this quickly without buying followers.

He might be buying followers to try and reach the 17 million or so that Obama has. Romney has about 800,000 followers while Obama has over 17 million. It’s pretty clear that Romney is trying to buy followers as he’s new to Twitter and had been growing in small steps until recently when his followers skyrocketed. So should presidential candidates buy Twitter followers?

In this day and age where people don’t trust government like they used to or their elected officials the fact that Romney is purchasing Twitter followers just makes him look bad. Any official who “buys” followers on Twitter or even Facebook is the wrong statement to make. If the candidate is popular they’re account will grow over time and be more natural. I see buying Twitter followers more for a business or a personal website not for an elected official who already be extremely popular. A business is unknown where Romney is quite well known.

A presidential candidate shouldn’t have to purchase Twitter followers they should just be there already waiting to support his campaign. If he’s purchasing these followers then his account will be inflated with people who are his supposed followers when in fact he has bought them. You would expect a candidates Twitter account to grow quickly but not that quickly. If he’s purchasing the followers then I don’t see this is as a very good idea at all.

In this age of uncertainty we want candidates and other elected officials that we trust. We need full confidence in these people and the fact the Romney might be buying this followers reduces that trust in him. What else will he buy? Maybe Romney will try and buy your vote too.

Twitter is a tool to spread a message and it can have a big impact for a business. If you have a big or small business needing Twitter followers then buying twitter followers is fine in this case because you’re unknown and you want more people to see your website and learn about your business. Romney simply doesn’t need to buy Twitter followers of any description because those followers should be already knocking at the door of his Twitter account to join him and his cause. It doesn’t paint a good picture of him to have to “buy” his way into Twitter to get popular with the users on that site. If you’re popular your name gets passed along naturally on Twitter. Maybe he’s just desperate to gain those followers quickly since the election is coming up shortly.

I’m not a big fan of government officials who buy into anything in an attempt to get elected. If you have the right message you’ll get elected and buying followers on a social media site isn’t something any candidate or official of any description should do. This sends the wrong message to the voting public and in today’s world you can’t afford to do this. Let your popularity grow naturally and let those who run businesses or have personal websites buy Twitter followers.