How To Integrate Twitter Into Your Business

In this new post I want to talk about how to use and integrate Twitter into your business. Even though 3/5’s of nowadays businesses have heard from Twitter one way or the other and knowing the great potentials this marketing tool can bring towards their businesses and companies the truth is that 99% of them don’t know how to take advantage of it. Today I want to tell you ten different ways that you can use Twitter as a modern marketing tool for your business:

Feedback Loop

integrate twitter into your business  You can use Twitter as a modern business knowledge tool to better understand via continuous feedback from your followers and your customers what people are saying and talking about your products and or services and you can also use surveys. Also don’t be shy and dare to ask anything to your followers and give them valuable information of great interest talking about your business.


Surveys and polls are very powerful and very effective to get valuable information for your business. Companies often spend thousands of dollars to conduct surveys to find out what their audience, their customers or potential customers think about their products, services, etc. You can do the very same thing FREE using Twitter for your business as this information will be viewable by all your followers and Twitter tweets are indexed by Google..

Support and Customer Service

One of the most important things to know about Twitter is that it hasn’t stopped growing ever since its birth 6 years ago and the fact the it keeps increasing at lighting speed are taking giant and multinational companies to use this 140 character micro-blog as a Customer Service and Support channel to help their clients ‘followers’ or potential clients with any type of answer or solve any problems they may have.

Strengthen Your Brand

build your brand with twitterTwitter will allow you to put your brand in front of many people smashing your competitor in a short period of time. Strengthening your brand via Twitter can be easily done by continuously sending valuable messages ‘Tweets’. This is a great and beneficial way to strengthen the presence of your brand using Twitter. For a small company that is very important, because otherwise it would be very difficult to reach so many people so continuously and organically.

Promote your Products and Services

Twitter can also serve your company and help it promote your products and services. But be careful with this, since the character of social networking in Twitter sometimes will make people feel attacked if you straightforward try to direct a sale or a promotion. But if you’re subtle and if you don’t abuse of it, you can really do successful promotions for your products and services even with affiliate links.

Lead Generation

Look at it this way.. At the end all the followers that follow you on Twitter follow you because they are interested in your business, niche, your market, the value you are providing to your tweets and thus they are also intrinsically potential customers for your products and your services. Twitter can help you create a list of potential clients that you can communicate with at any time you want creating this tool a modern lead generation tool.

Public relations

One of the best professions that are adopting Twitter is the  journalists. The press has seen the potential of Twitter, and is using it . Top journalists, bloggers use Twitter continuously. Twitter, right now, is a social media channel so easy to use that you don’t realize it until you send your first ‘tweet’. For Public Relations it works great specially if you like writing Press releases since people love reading these. If you don’t know how to write a press release contact a major blogger, or a journalist with a major interests in your business and use the platform of Twitter to promote your PR. Many businesses have boosted their sales using this technique. Read our Press Release about “Buying Twitter Followers” and see how a PR looks like.

News distribution and content.

integrate twitter into your business  Twitter has established itself as the best platform to distribute content. Is the best place to share your blog posts since the viral ability that Twitter has. If your content is really good, chances are it will be ‘Retweeted’ and thus reaching a much wider audience.

 Professional Networking

Twitter is great for Professional Networking, to meet professionals in your market, within their professional field, even to establish partnership relations with partners, collaborators via Twitter, and more.

Generate traffic

As a result of sharing your content on Twitter, it’s going to generate much traffic to your website. Traffic will grow exponentially with increasing your list of followers.

Try this ‘Tips’ Now and be completely surprised with the results. How to integrate Twitter into your business is not a brainer..

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